Khonsu (Kid’s Frame)


A small frame to fit the face of a toddler or young pre-teen, an age group at the highest risk for the harmful effects of artificial light exposure.  Named for Khonsu, the Ancient Egyptian god of the moon, time, and youth.
You can select our “Nocturnal Red” tint for use under artificial lighting at night, or our “Daytime Yellow” tint for use while exposed to harmful fake light (most modern lightbulbs and screen technologies) during daytime.  Scroll down or visit our page “The Tints” for more help in deciding which tint best suits your needs.
PRESCRIPTION: You can also select whether you would like the glasses with or without a prescription.  If you select “prescription”, you will enter your exact prescription information at checkout, alongside your billing & shipping information, or you can email it to  You MUST include the type of lens you desire (single vision, bifocal or progressive), your full prescription, AND your Pupillary Distance (PD).  Optometrists often resist sharing PD’s because it allows people to order glasses online; if this is the case, measure your own PD:
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee from Us to You.
We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our glasses, meaning that if you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of the product: look, style, effects, or performance, you can return your product in its original condition for a full refund.  We are extremely confident in our products and their effects, so if you are not satisfied, neither are we.
If this is the case, please email, subject line “Not Completely Satisfied {Your Name}” or some similar variation, and we will work until you are.

Lens Types:

Non-Prescription / Reader Lenses:

High-quality polymer lenses with no prescription or a basic reader prescription.

Prescription Lenses:

We offer prescriptions lenses for all types of prescriptions:

For ALL Reader And Prescription Orders:

IMPORTANT: If you are purchasing readers or prescription glasses, you must enter your reader strength or exact prescription values from your optometrist (Sphere, Cylinder, Axis, and PD) in the “Reader/Prescription Value(s)” section when you go to check out.
To get here, press “Cart” on the header menu, then press “Proceed to Checkout”. It will directly follow the sections for billing and shipping details .
If you encounter any difficulty, you can email your full prescription to Likewise, we will contact you if there is any issue with your prescription information.

Tint Selection:

Nocturnal Red:

Our Nocturnal Red Tint blocks all frequencies of light below 550 nm (all blue and green light), which can suppress melatonin levels, disrupting our circadian rhythm, damaging sleep & mitochondrial function, leading to accelerated aging and disease. It is the highest quality optical tint on the market.
Wear these glasses anytime ambient artificial lighting is “whiter” (higher blue content) or brighter than sunlight, especially after sunset, to protect your melatonin levels. They can also be worn during daytime to protect your eyes and hormones while under abrasive fluorescent, CFL, or LED lighting.

Daytime Yellow:

Our Daytime Yellow Tint blocks all frequencies of blue light, below 450 nm. This range includes the most energetic blue light frequencies, which can be found in all modern fluorescent, CFL, and LED lighting, as well as all smartphone, computer, tablet, and television screens. This constant, unbalanced spike in highly energetic blue light damages eyesight, stimulates overproduction of cortisol, alters hormone levels, damages mitochondria, and desynchronizes our circadian rhythms.
Wear this tint during daytime ONLY when you are under artificial lighting. It is not fully effective for nighttime melatonin protection. If you are outdoors, never cover your eyes with anything. This is ideal for any desk job, computer work, school, or college with fluorescent, CFL, or LED lighting and the use of unfiltered screen technology.

Production & Shipping Time:

Non-Prescription glasses will be produced and shipped within 5 days of ordering.
Prescription glasses will be produced and shipped within 10-15 days of ordering.  This is because lenses of this specific prescription must be ordered and cut by our optician.
Domestic Shipping (USA): Priority Mail: 1-3 days // Priority Mail Express: 1-2 days
International Shipping: First Class International: 1-3 weeks // Priority Mail International: 6-10 days // Priority Mail Express International: 3-5 Days

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Tint Selection

Daytime Yellow (450nm), Nocturnal Red (550nm)

Lens Type

Non-Prescription, Readers (+$70), Standard Prescriptions (+$150)