Custom Blue Blocker Tinting Service (Temporarily Unavailable)


The only service in the WORLD that allows you to turn any frame into Custom Blue Blocking Glasses.
Just scroll down and follow our simple 3-Step Process.  Select a frame, Select a Service, and Send it our way!
We do not accept external lenses due to unpredictable coatings and excessive problematic variables (one exception below). 🙂
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The only service in the world that allows you to turn any frame into custom Blue Blockers.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Any frame on Earth.  We turn Gucci, RayBan, and Versace frames into Custom Blue Blockers regularly, as well as sports glasses or safety goggles.

Three Easy Steps

Step 1. Select any Frame

Any frame: from an old pair of glasses, from a local optician, or from an online retailer like Warby Parker or

For the optimal pair of Custom Blue Blockers, we recommend trying your glasses on in person at any physical retail store, such as a local optician, Walmart, Target or Costco Vision Center, Lenscrafters, Visionworks, Warby Parker, etc.  Supporting a local optician is ideal.

If you want a designer frame but can’t pay optician prices, you can always find a frame you like in person, then take the frame number and find it online for the best price available.

Step 2. Select a Lens Type, a Tint, and Place Your Order

Not all lenses can be tinted.  Most lenses come with Anti-Scratch or Anti-Reflective Coatings that prevent proper tinting, or are made of non-tintable materials.

To make things easy, we offer lower prices for tintable lenses than Walmart, Target, Costco, and most local opticians.

In order to maintain a uniform and efficient production process, we do not accept outside lenses.*

If you can show us a lower price for tintable lenses (CR-39 Plastic or Any Lenses with a High-Quality Tintable Hard Coat), we will be happy to match it.

If you require prescription lenses, simply select your prescription type (Non-Prescription, Readers, Single Vision, Progressive) and desired lens type on the product page, then either enter your prescription values when prompted at checkout, or email your prescription to

Step 3. Send Us Your Frame

You can order a frame from an online retailer directly to us, or ship it yourself!

You MUST include your name in the shipping address if ordered online, or inside of the package if you ship, or both, otherwise we will be unable to connect the frame to your order.

Ship All Frames To:

{YOUR NAME} c/o Ra Optics

215 Price Avenue

Narberth, PA



Once we receive your frame, we will cut and tint the lenses for your frame, and ship your Custom Blue Blockers to you!

Standard turnaround time for new lenses, tinting, and assembly is 5 business days from the day your frame is received.

*The only external lenses we will accept are CR-39, 1.50 Index Lenses with NO anti-scratch coatings already included with the frame in non-prescription or low-prescription orders from , as they are the only online lenses we have found that come without coatings

DISCLAIMER: As is standard policy among all optical labs, Ra Optics cannot be held liable for the cost of glasses frames or lenses sent to us.  We treat all glasses with the utmost care, however people have sent us glasses frames that are old and worn, untouched for years, and we took on unnecessary liability when they were damaged because they could not handle the normal pressure of a properly-edged lens.  Likewise, some lenses are claimed to be coating-free, but come with coatings that are damaged or stained the tinting process.  Therefore, by purchasing the custom tinting service, you are acknowledging that we handle your glasses with the utmost care but cannot be held responsible customers’ glasses, and agreeing to release Ra Optics of all liability related to your glasses.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Prescription Type

Non-Prescription, Single-Vision

Lens Type

Non-Prescription Tintable Lenses, Readers & Standard Prescription Tintable Lenses, I'm Sending GlassesUSA Tintable Lenses (followed instructions below)

Tint Selection

Daytime Yellow (450nm), Light Orange (500nm), Nocturnal Red (550nm)


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