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Fashionable Glasses to Protect Melatonin, Sleep Quality, and Health from Artificial Lighting. We Ship WORLDWIDE.

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You Can Select From Our Frames, Or...

You Can Select From Our Frames, Or...

High-quality frames for your convenience. Simply select your Style, Select the Daytime or Nighttime tint, and Enter your Prescription, or “No Prescription”.

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Don’t see a style you love? We turn RayBan, Prada, Gucci, and Versace frames into Custom Blue Blockers every day. Just follow the instructions by clicking below.

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Artificial Light Destroys Your SLEEP, Your ENERGY, and Your HEALTH

We evolved to experience light and dark every day, and we need this rhythm to function optimally.

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Without Blue Blockers, You Are Exposed

Sleep-disrupting Artificial Light is everywhere after sunset. Either you let it disrupt your biologic clock, suppress your melatonin level, destroy your sleep quality, energy levels, health and vitality, or you buy attractive Blue Blocking Glasses.

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What Our Customers Say

  • “I love these glasses.  Thank you Matt, for helping our family to understand their significance around our health.”

    Caroline H.
  • “Thank you so much for the wonderful blue blocking glasses. They are fabulous and just as I thought they would be. You have surpassed my expectations on quality and on customer service. You got these glasses out to me right away and your communication was exceptional! I really appreciate you answering all of my questions. Best customer service experience I have ever had.”

    Stephanie R.
  • “These blue-blockers are awesome and so is Matt. He made the process of blue-proofing my prescription lenses easy, and the minute I popped them into my frames, I felt better. Guess I’ll have to take them off at some point, but I’m not looking forward to it.”

    Nancy P.
  • “In ten years blue blockers are going to be like yoga in the health sphere, and Matt is ahead of the curve. The ordering process from Ra Optics is smooth and efficient, and the products are stylish, comfortable, and effective. I couldn’t be happier with my blue blockers.”

    Lucien B.
  • “Wearing every night! So dope!! Finally cracked the code on my night driving/nighttime blue/green blocking Rx glasses. Took some old sunglasses (which are all horrible for your eyes) and had my low Rx lenses installed, then sent them to @matty___m (future podcast guest) back east, and he dipped/tinted them with a BPI550 filter, which specifically cuts out the shitty blue and green spectrums of light that destroy your melatonin production at night and thereby disrupt your entire endocrine system and circadian rhythm.   I’d rather walk around like a nerd than have my sleep, eyes, and brain (DHA) wrecked by toxic lighting.  Once you’re on board with all of that, hit up to get your hands on some less lame looking glasses. #biohacked AF”

    Luke Storey, “The Life Stylist” of

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